Tuesday, 25 February 2014

For The ladies

As a male, a husband and a Filofax user, I feel I can speak with authority on what you are about to read.

Planners are like HUSBANDS! (insert partners/boyfriends or significant male others here)

They really are.

Here's a few comparisons that will prove my point....

  • They are precious to you, continually needing modification, work best under your total control and some come with a leathery exterior.
  • Most husbands need a good clip!
  • Your love affair with them may involve a ring (or two!).
  • They are full of information - albeit useless and redundant.
  • Sometmes they can get a bit full and you can't get them to do anythng!
  • Press too hard and they bleed.
  • They either smell really good or really bad.
  • After a few decades they get wrinkly and floppy.
  • When they are not performing to your satisfaction, you may look around and want to replace it with something 'bigger' perhaps?
  • And when you finally drop them - they fall to bits.
  • Some days it's really hard to get them to open up.
  • They are the love of your life and the bane of your existence!
  • When the zipper is left open - everything falls out!
  • Size isn't everything - well except if yours is a mini.
  • They may look plain and boring on the outside, but can be so creative and wonderfully beautiful on the inside.
  • Leave it too long in a cupboard and they get mouldy.
  • You spend hours and hours thinking of ways to change them inside and out - and when you do - you are never really happy with the result.
  • Let's face it - some of them are just plain thick!
  • There are days when everyone else's looks so much better than your old thing.
  • They are the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you check before sleeping.

And, if we are really honest - they have changed your life for the better, and are something you know you could never live without.

That is all!


  1. Best post I have read in a long time, thank you for the smile.

  2. Love this! Also love the photo at the bottom - did you do that yourself?

    1. I made it using an online program but the name of the site escapes me - sorry

    2. No worries - I'll do some digging around!

  3. This made me smile! Thank you!! :)

  4. Fabulous!!! Thanks Kent :-)

  5. Loved it and somewhere David is chuckling away too!

  6. Love it! Can't stop giggling!

  7. Fabulous. Love reading your posts!

  8. Thank you so much, Kent! It made my husband laugh too :)

  9. LOL! This is great Kent!!! You are awesome!! My fave= "Size isn't everything - well except if yours is a mini." bahahaha!!!

  10. Making my husband read it. Lol.


  11. Where do you come up with this stuff, Ken?!