Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Coffee, Blogs and Philofaxy

If you haven't heard of the amazing Philofaxy blog - you need to.

I owe a great debt to this website.

It is run by Steve and his excellent admin team.
Captain my Captain! - Steve Morton
Started by a guy who called himself 'Philofaxer', he handed the reigns over to Nan around 2006 who kept things running for another couple of years and then Nan eventually invited Steve and Laurie to take over the helm in 2009.
Today, this humble blog is read by thousands of people around the globe.
I would guess that there are at least 100 people reading it.at any given moment.
It really is THAT good.

It is THE hub of the Filofax universe.
It is a overwhelming source of ideas, facts, profiles, review, tips, commentary and humour.
The place to hang out with other Filofaxaphiles and not feel like a GEEK.
It is my weekly fix and my cyberfriend.

The Adspot section is fantastic.
You can buy and sell from and to serious Filofax users.
I have obtained my dream Filofaxes through this service.
And I like the idea of supporting the Chimwemwe charity in the process.
Well played Philofaxy!

Each week I schedule (in my A5 Balmoral!) at least one hour to peruse and read through the Webfinds and videos.
I make myself a cup of coffee (in my Philofaxy cup, skinny latte 2 stevia)
Put on my White-Noise headphones (to block out the kiddlings and family house noises),
Ease into my chair
Laptop on knees
and work my way down each blog post and video.

I am in Filoheaven.

My little oasis of Filo-education.
Learning new tips
seeing the latest ideas
admiring other's setups
following comments and blogs
gleaming ideas on how to plan better
laughing at the craziness of enthusiasts
lusting over a new binder I haven't seen before.

It keeps me connected.

They even do Spotlight interviews of crazy people from the Southern Hemisphere!


So thank you Philofaxy
You are an important part of my life
You are a positive influence in the binder world
and you never fail
to always make my day.



  1. Thank you Kent... small correction... Philofaxy was started by a guy who went under the pen name of 'Philofaxer' he's no longer part of Philofaxy, but Nan and I keep in touch with him, wish him Happy Birthday and Christmas etc. He went off to have a family life etc. Nan came a long in about 2006 kicked him to life to do some more posts! He bowed out gracefully. Nan kept things running for another couple of years and then invited me to join along with Laurie in 2009... and the rest as they say is history!

  2. I don't watch much You Tube, so I was surprised to see what you look like, Kent From Oz. I don't know what I thought you looked like, but your actual picture doesn't match my impression. :)


  3. There´s your face! Like, a proper face. You're not a pair of floating hands, go figure. Love your youtube channel.