Saturday, 13 December 2014

We're Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty Or Nice!

True story with two equally surprising endings.
(Warning: one unpleasant word will be used)

Yesterday I was in a check-out queue. It was Christmas shopping time and crowded.
I had two items, the lady behind me had an overflowing basket which seemed quite heavy.
I told her to go ahead of me and stood aside.
She said: Thank you. You don't see kindness like that too often now.
I said: Don't mention it. Merry Christmas.
As she unpacked her items she turned to me and said:
You know, earlier today when I was on a bus coming to the shopping centre. I was at the back with a lot of other Christmas shoppers. The bus was just about full and an old man with a cane got on and stood in the middle of the bus near where she was seated.
Two well dressed twenty-something women were on seats right beside him.
As the bus moved, it was clear he was tottering and had to hang on as the bus made him sway. Him steading himself with his cane while holding onto the rail.
One of the women looked up and began to stand to offer him her seat.
The other pushed her back down and said loudly.
"DON'T!  Sit down! Men will think they deserve to be treated nicely by us!

Just after the young woman on the bus said that, a very elderly woman who was seated directly behind her gave her a huge clip over the back of the head and stated "You don't represent ME bi*ch!
The bus cheered.
The really old lady gave up her seat to the man.
The two young women remined seated and engaged with their smartphones.

After hearing this recount I told the woman at the checkout that was an interesting story.
The young girl at the cash register who had also heard the story made an out loud and indignant comment:
"What a horrible old woman. Those poor girls didn't deserve to be treated like that. They have rights you know!"

I walked away leaving my purchases at the counter, shaking my head.

Merry Christmas.