Sunday, 8 September 2013

Goodbye Franklin Covey Collins Debden - it was nice knowing you!

Dear Franklin, Covey, Collins and Debden,
You are my oldest and dearest friends.
But I am sorry to say
I am leaving you
for a better binder.
In fact
It is of no surprise to you that it is another leather bound cutie.
I call him Karl.
He's a Malden
(get it . . .Karl Malden??)
I am now destined to spend the rest of my life with him.
It is now to Karl that I share my inner most secrets.
Karl is strong,
he's brown (ochre to be exact)
Leathery in appearance
has deep pockets
snappy rings
and he never, ever lets me down.
Don't get me wrong
You four have served me well.
But the Filofaxes have won me over.
Dont be too upset,
I will never forget you
or the start you gave to me in my planner journey
but I have simply outgrown you all.
Karl and his two brothers
Black Stratford and Bad Boy Brown Balmoral are taking your place.
So goodbye
and bon voyage!
May your new owners treat you well.

Your fickle filofax friend
Kent from Oz.

PS - I have also sold the two 7-hole hole-punches I used to own.
and close the door on your way out!