Monday, 31 August 2015

The Scent of Leather: A Little Slice of Heaven

Normally I would be very candid about this confession.
But I am sure you will agree with me.
There are some small, simple things in life
which makes us stop,
and for a moment,
a single drifting moment,
we lose ourselves in complete Nirvana.

Such it is
with the sweet smell
of leather

Not just any leather,
but the quality of the leather attached to an item.
A personal item.
A treasure.
Something worthwhile and purposeful.
Something useful that has meaning.
Something that holds my secrets
and is part of me.

I received a new leather binder a while ago.
It feels heavy.
It is smooth and seductive.
It fills the senses with the intoxicating aroma
of well-crafted leather.

I stop
I breath in
slowly, ever slowly
I hold my breath
and feel the flood of calming emotions

This is my confession
my hidden vice
my secret pleasure.
I love leather.

What better way to be centred with the earth.
It is rich and deep and strong and filling.

I just like it.


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Midori-Style Hand-Made Binder - Bliss!!!


The wonderful Glenda Slann sent me a handmade handcrafted leather fauxdori!

It arrived yesterday. When I opened the package it was amazing. The aroma of the top quality leather was just intoxicating.

Recently I posted in Facebook about wether it was time to 'dip my toes' into the Midori-style notebook covers. Glenda contacted me to show me some of her wares. It is exactly what I've been looking for. And that, so they say, is history in the making!

I've included pictures for you to see.

The finished product. The leather colour is called Mucha Mocha.

The reverse side. I decided on a middle placed band to close it.

The inside is a darker and softer leather with multiple card slots and pockets. The matching rubber bands are quite thick and match the outside cover.
Four internal bands with two petite charm page markers.

The gererous pen loop gives enough room to move the largest of pens out of the way!
I placed in my six Fieldnotes notebooks that the wonderful Michael Batzgen sent me from Germany. They are amazing as well, and they fit perfectly into the binder. The workmanship is perfect.The workmanship is exceptional. The binder is made from quality Australian leather, and it is cut, designed and finished with precision and care.
The Pocket size Fieldnotes fit PERFECTLY!!!

The pen moves easily to the side to accomodate space for closing onto 6 NOTEBOOKS!!!!
The unique designs of all the flaps and pockets are just fantastic. I am more than impressed with the whole package. The actual closing stud and rubber band work very very well and are more than secure.

The metal clasp is small, strong and elegent.

My Fieldnotes pen looks right at home. But there enough room for the fattest Coleto or fountain pen.

I am so impressed with the way Glenda has listened to my ideas and designed such a useful and unique binder. If anything will influence me to move over and use a midori-style binder, I cannot think of a better one to begin that journey.

Glenda, you are amazing.

Your ability to create such a wonderful thing is beyond words.

Thank you so much.

Plenty of room. I think I could add another 2 or three more notebooks easily.

The 6 Fieldnotes notebooks from Michael. The top one has gold guilded edging!

Look at this stitching! Strong, matching and even. Brilliant!

And of course, if we could ever be in a world where we could transfer to our readers the aromas of such a unique piece of craftsmanship, you would just swoon with the delicious leathery smells of this amazing binder.

Not much more to say now. I am literally lost for words.

Here are Glenda's details, and I could not recommend her more highly.

Glenda, you are amazing!

Please check out her Facebook page to see the work she does.

Satisfaction rating: 10 out of 10!