Thursday, 27 February 2014

Filofax Lifesavers #2 - Lest We Forget!

If you're like me, your Filofax contains so much important information that you really can't afford to lose.

It may one day happen that you lose your planner with EVERYTHING inside!

I know of someone whose bag was stolen from their car with their planner inside. The bag had only a few dollars value, but the loss of the binder devastated her.

So, all you need is 30 minutes.

Just 30 minutes!

A mere 30 minutes to take the time to safeguard your binder's contents.


Use a camera, smartphone or iPad and photograph every important page you need to retain.

You won't need to capture everything, but make sure you photograph the vital pages.

Make a time every one, three, six or twelve months to do this.

Make it part of your planning routine - write it in your diary!

It is a personal insurance policy to safeguard your hard planner work.

Set this time aside - it is a worthy investment

Keep two or more different sets of records of your photos and make sure these are held in a safe place and are easily retrievable in an emergency - a friend, iCloud, your accountant, USB or file a hard copy in your paper files.

Keep the photos secure - they contain your private information

Find out if your insurance policies can cover your Filofax - some are worth hundreds of dollars - the content may be priceless - you never know.

Imagine the scenario of losing your binder - never to get it back.
How would you FEEL?
Do you want to ease the pain of losing your binder by having a back-up?
Would you regret NOT keeping copies?
How many hours would it take to redo important lists, addresses, birthdates, appointments, calendar items etc....?
How disapponted would you feel?
How traumitised would you get?

It could happen - hopefully not - but it IS POSSIBLE.

Take a few minutes to make a list of what you need to record and preserve and image of?

Now take the photos.

It takes only 30 minutes

Do it today!

Go on.....

What are you waiting for?


  1. Very good advice! Didn't even think of doing this. Thank you.

  2. I need to put this on my task list.

  3. I have never thought of doing this. I am going to do it soon, thank you for that heads up. What a clever idea!