Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hee Hee To Me!

Looking at Filofax videos and blogs on my computer is my hobby and passion.
Today I found a sneaky benefit to my secret indulgence!
Because these sites all contain loads of pictures of  stationery, books and writing and text etc....
When I peruse them at work, it looks like I am doing something educational!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ode To the Filofaxin' Teacher

Sitting in my classroom
Kids are working well
Planner there before me
Riiiiiing - there goes the bell

Carrying my Filo
Waving it as I pass
Organised and ready
For my Modern History class

Students neatly seated
Books are open wide
Time to check my lesson plan
Safely tucked inside

Pages are a flutter
Organizing bliss
Everything is close at hand
Nothing goes amiss

Markbook in the back of it
Notes and grades are steady
Tables and dividers
Rolls are marked and ready

Time to head for meetings
I Filoflash with ease
Teachers with technology
Have laptops on their knees

Someone asks a question
I need the answer quick
I find the Martha Stewart Tab
And have it in a tick

The WiFi suddenly goes down
I sip my coffee mug
While everyone is panicking
I sit there looking smug
In one small space I seem to have
everything I need
The meeting's coming to a close
My binder shuts with speed

So now its quitting time at last
and here's the precious rub
while everyone is logging off
I'm already at the pub!


Hello Kenty - Filofax in Hand!

My nephew Nick is a talented artist - he designed this for me - great sense of humour!

Please note Filofax in hand as well!

Nick says he is happy for anyone to email him regarding a personalized HK drawing - he is a commercial artist so I guess there would be a fee. Here's his email and blog addresses:

Email : nickreesillustration@gmail.com

blog : http://nickrees365.tumblr.com/

Here's his web page if you want to see more

Nick Rees Illustrations