Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pocket Malden Charm

I was looking to put a charm on the Pocket Malden and ended up with this.

I took a while to find the kind of charms I liked. I initially tried to fit them onto the bookmark of the Moleskine but they were too awkward and didnt seem right.

I connected a Pewter Feather charm and a brass medallion with 'BE YOU' imprinted on it to a brass split-pin connector.

I poked a hole in the outside of the Malden (yep..I did!) and then secured it by place ing the split ends apart.

I had to put it a little lower than I wanted as the edge of the pin would have rotated and come above the long pocket edge. :-(

It gives it a little 'jingle' sound as I carry it. I can still write on the pages as it doesn't really impede on the Malden laying flat. But it is early days and I will see if I can live with it.


  1. I love the charm, but I'm taking deep breaths about the hole in the Malden!

  2. This is such a girl would snag on my purse. :)