Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why a Filofax?

My Pocket Ochre Malden Filofax with a customized clip.

Why indeed?

I guess it comes down to a number of intersecting aspects of my life:

the need to use my time better
the desire to be more productive
a requirement to have a lot of my information all in one place
the insurance that I don't forget important things

and a passion for quality stationery

I use metal tabs and paperclips for the rustic look and convenience.

My journey with Filofaxes has been fluid and long.

I have always kept journals and diaries
but never really kept them going long enough
or utilized their capacity so they served me well
they looked so cool in the 1980's and are a novelty in the 2010's.

I simply LOVE to carry mine.
My pocket ochre Malden
in all its leathery splendor.

it looks manly
it feels comforting
it is not out of place in most settings
and it just feels right

I can rely on it
I protect it
it assists me when I need it
it helps me to think
and it serves me and no-one else.

My Filofax is tactile,
made with quality materials,
ever changing and adapting
and rustic.

and it's mine.

My Pocket Malden (pre-clip days) with my Journal. My two main carries.

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