Wednesday, 22 May 2013


So, if you're wondering - I've moved out!

After a lot of soul searching, I have decided that the Collins Debden life is not for me and I am now fully moved in to an A5 Filofax.

This is for real.

I ummmmmed and aaaahed for a couple of months and really was very torn between the two version of organizers.

I have to admit I really REALLY REALLY did love my Collins Debden.

I have had it for so many years.

It has served me well.

It was comfortable.

But then I did something really dangerous.

I got a new filofax.

A new, boxed, leather-smelling, perfect-ringed, fully embossed Filofax.

That one small act sealed my fate.

And then a funny thing happened.

I got another.

And another

and another, another, another . . . . .  .

they are all A5 or Personal size.

A variety of different types that I think I like.

They sit on my desk in a row, all competing to be "the one"

"Pick me! Pick me!" I hear them cry out at me.

I have not made the final selection.

I DO know I am a ONE FILOFAX kind of guy.

I tried the dual binder thing - too complicated.

But which one?

A5 or Personal?

The colour is easy - black or tan. No problems there.

I have given myself until the end of July 2013 to make the final decision.

I am still after the elusive A5 Balmoral - one day I will get you my pretty.

I think the Balmoral is my ultimate binder.

But I need to buy one first.

I will need to hold it and carry it and use it before I really truly know.

I have never seen one in the flesh.

One day

Am I indecisive? I am not sure!

My plan is to get the whole range of binders and associated stationery and make a choice.

A choice for the long term.

Choose my ONE and ONLY binder,

and sell off the rest.

Well that's my plan.

It's a good plan right?

Test the waters and make my selection.

I'll let you know.

My heart tells me, when I see it I will know.

In the mean time - I am fully moved into one of the A5 binders.

It feels good.

well, that's a start!


  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  2. Kent, I know what you mean as I've tried out quite a few binders & realised I'd sold 'the one'. Thank to a swap with a Philofaxer I'm back in my crimson Malden. A5 vs personal is one of the big questions. I currently own one of each & love the extra size of A5 for projects & planning, but I'm itching to get back to just the one someday :)

  3. The A5 Balmoral is just lovely and oh-so-practical... I'd love to own one myself.

    I bought a few different filofax binders last year. And a few other brands as well. I really loved them all for different reasons. I had a wonderful enormous "compact" FranklinQuest (i.e. the predecessor to FranklinCovey) which zipped closed and had marvelous 1.5 inch rings... But turned out to be quite a handful to carry on a constant basis. I owned a 30mm ringed Cavendish in Navy which had superb pocket layout allowing me to combine my wallet and planner into one book, but the leather was so thin and seemed to be wearing badly. I had a Malden and hated it. I had a Kendal and loved it but the tabs got jammed in the coin pocket zipper in the back cover. etc. etc. etc.

    I am about to try out a dual planner setup to divide work from personal. I am very worried about it and your experiment has not given me any confidence!

    Anyway, do hope you find the one that's right for you!

  4. I have been doing the same thing. I thought the Chameleon was it. No, I needed to have a Malden. Oh wait, here's the Osterley. A5 or personal? I have spent way too many hours on these dilemmas! I wish someone could make up my mind for me.

  5. I too do a back and forth, and still vacillate between Filofax, Franklin Covey, and the like. However....I get all settled on one besides FF or so I tell myself that this new planner (not FF) is the one, fits, works well, looks good, holds tons of paper for me to uh 'play with' , I mean write with (same thing eh ?) and then I stare at my FFs and start to sweat over them sitting on the shelf. Sigh.
    I can't do it. No matter how prettied up, no matter how useful the other binders are...I just am not totally ever happy with matter how I decorate them, name them, show them off...they are not Filofax.
    So, I realize that my collection of zippered personal Filofaxes - my babies cannot be denied, they wanted and needed a big sister...yeah, that's I gifted them a vintage A5 Durham in awesome Black leather (my first A5!!!)....she is having tea with her little sisters right now ! I think they are planning to overthrow the other planners ! Gasp ! I hear cheering from the girls....I hear "Long Live Filofax"...for the Win !
    Happy Decisions to You !

    1. Hey Patricia, I am desperately looking for a black A5 Durham Zip. Would you consider parting with yours? Email me at cheers, Kent