Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ever Had One of Those Days?

Have you ever had one of those days?
you know
THOSE kind of days
The yuck days
The gassy days
The bad haircut days
The toilet paper on your heel days
The drop the iPhone in the toilet days
The spill your coffee on your shirt days
The "I overslept in the tanning machine" days
The "That's not skim milk it's breast milk!" days
The brushed your teeth with haemorrhoid cream days
The "when are you due?" to an unpregnant stranger days
The saying you hate the name Mildred 
to the husband of one days.
The being told by a stranger there's a coat hanger 
caught on your back days
The "Look Grandma, see Daddy's funny balloon 
from his bedside table!" days
The "what's your name young man?" only 
to be answered tearfully "It's Mary!" days
The driving in traffic and you notice some poo from 
the nappy you changed that morning on your finger days.
The being pulled over for speeding on the only day 
in your life you have ever driven in your pyjamas days
The opening the door to your in-laws in your underwear 
remembering it was TODAY they were visiting you days
The answering the phone on your anniversary saying 
"Hello you sexy wench" to the boss on the other end days
The hold up the checkout line with a million dollars worth 
of groceries and discover you haven't brought your wallet days

Well, if you had a Filofax,
You would only have the best of days!


  1. Love It! Who has NOT had one of those days, even WITH a Filofax!

  2. Lol - I needed that today :-)