Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Beautiful Notebooks

Psssst! are you sittin' down?

I did a little internet surfing today and found myself in paradise.

I love love love love notebooks.

Not just the new and modern styles, but curiously, i love the look and style of old, well-used and antiquated notebooks.

I found a plethora of images of the words and ideas of many famous people.

It was fascinating!

Da Vinci

I spent a lot of time examining and admiring the written words and diagrams and settings.

It is sadly a dying art to keep journals and write your thoughts down.

The revival is here, but it is only kept by a small few who burn the light of centuries of journalists, scribes and ordinary people who capture the world of their lives and thoughts and preserve them on paper.

Enough said.

You my dear reader are either saying "Yea" or "Nay".

To each his own.

For me?

It is bliss!!

As a scientist and an academic, I am drawn to writings of such folk (but not exclusively). Here are a few samples to salivate over....

Alexander Graham Bell

Charles Darwin

Da Vinci

Thomas Edison

Henry Miller

Da Vinci

Da Vinci

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Nick Cave (note it is a filofax!!!)

Madam Curie


Samuel Beckett

And last but not least the U.K.'s own George Redgrave (Photo and Filofax extraordinaire)


  1. These are a treasure. It's fascinating to get a peek at how others, past and present, use their notebooks, journals, diaries, or planners. Thank you for sharing these.
    Apologies if I've double posted. (Grumbles...darn Google.)

  2. Notebook eye candy. These are so beautiful!