Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mini Windsors - Not for your back pocket

My friend,
No...let me rephrase that...
One of my filofax converts...
Found an almost pristine Mini Windsor at a 2nd Hand store.
He always admired my Mini Cavendish I use as a wallet and wanted to use the Windsor for his own walletary means.
I helped him outfit it to be used as a wallet.
For three months he used it in a normal wallet fashion
Kept it in his back pocket
He came to me recently to ask if the wear and tear was usual for a Filofax?
He assured me he looked after it
So here's a lesson.

Mini Windsors - not for your back pocket!!!!!
It can be a real bummer!!!

Comparing 3 months use with the Mini Windsor and 2 years use of my Mini Cavendish


  1. yah, mini windsors are not the sturdiest of filos. I had a very nice blue one and sold it on to @limetreefruits when I realized I would kill it if I kept using it. This was also why I passed along my Cavendish. I was killing that too. I'm hard on things.

  2. Ow! I wouldn't keep my pocket Windsor in a pocket! It received plenty of scrapes and scratches just from being in my handbag.