Monday, 1 September 2014

Ruffled by ROFL

ROFL ? Really? 
R O F L?
Let's be serious for a moment.
Do you REALLY roll on the floor?
The laughing bit I can accept,
but to react so overtly as to collapse and roll on the ground?
Is anything you read on Facebook so hilariously funny that it actually makes you do that?
What if you are on a bus?
Walking your dog on the street?
This could actually be harmful to you.
Or at the very least ruin your clothes.
No, I am sorry.
Don't expect me to believe you are twisting on the floor in hysterics by writing ROFL.
It isn't happening.
'Sniggering' would be more appropriate.
Or at the very least: mildly smirking!
Just say it as it really is.
You can do it



  1. Well, at home sure. I've been known to do that. However only when someone has made me laugh that hard, in person. I've never had to because of a text, fb or the like.

  2. If I´m already on the floor then it´s a possibility, other than that - it´s not really likely to happen (we´re excluding very drunken nights out, right?) Marcus has done the FOCL (Fall off chair laughing) before, well technically it was more of a FOBL (he was sat on a bench) - but as he landed on the bottom shelf of the Expedit bookshelf and split his head open I don´t think he´ll be doing that again...

  3. because it sounds better than PMSL...

  4. Maybe we should switch to ROFPMSL? Although personally I'd prefer to LMAO, as anything that helps make that smaller is a bonus :-)