Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jekyll and Hydewriting

Sometimes I feel like I am two different people!.

The ordered, together, concise person with neat writing . . . . . . 

And Fred - the demon scribbler with chicken-scratch penmanship.

I have been oh so careful for so so long to keep my Filofaxes so neat and tidy, ordered and presented in tear-shedding beauty.

But now, today

I choose FRED!


I am getting too old to keep up the pressure.
I am going through a Mid-Filo Crisis! (or is that Filopause?!?)

My binders have changed immensely over the last couple of years and I am too busy to keep up with the charade.
I love it - I'ts my passion . . . .but
it creates so much pressure and is exhausting.

So, today, I am going to revert to my Hydewriting.
- that quick and efficient and scratchy scribble that comes out of my pen lightning fast to get my rapid thoughts down on paper.
The writing I can do to make quick notes and write lists.
The 'doctor's scrawl' that I can do on any surface and in an weather.
The quick script that gets the job done.
Smaller, faster and flowing!

To be honest,
Only I really really see the majority of what I write..
It's nobody else's business.
The 'Cursive Police' do not really exist!
And to be blunt - no-one cares how I write.

What is more important is that I need to use my journals and Filofaxes for me.
I shouldn't write in them to try to impress people - and from today I will not.

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with neat and impressive handwriting
It is praiseworthy, admirable and nice to view.
But it really isn't me.
The relaxed me.
And, if I'm really honest, my scratchy writing is still reasonably neat and readable - that's ALL I need.

So enough of the Prim and Proper Pressure-inducing Pompous Penmanship.

I've taken off my shoes, loosened the necktie sitting cross-legged on the back deck with my FIlofax on my lap . . . . . and am now relaxed in the words I want to write.

Who cares if it is not perfect?

They are simply mine!



  1. If only my faster writing were actually legible I´d be right there with you :-)

  2. Well said. I've felt slightly embarrassed before at the filofax meet ups I've attended because of my chaotic handwriting and the overall chaotic look of my pages, but honestly no one really cares. That's only me judging myself and that has to stop. Your post was a helpful reminder for me, thanks

  3. I really like your "Fred" cursive handwriting.

  4. "Fred" is much, much, much better than my quick and messy writing!

  5. I actually like Fred better. It's perfectly legible and gives some character to your writing. I've been reading articles that mention cursive writing is a dying art. So it's nice to see you embrace yours. While print will always be neater, cursive writing is more personal, more grown up.

  6. Going through actual menopause currently, this comment made me laugh: "I am going through a Mid-Filo Crisis! (or is that Filopause?!?)"