Friday, 12 July 2013

Learning To Be Satisfied - My Filofax, My Style.

I am a scavenger.
I search for things to own

I look at the things around me and want want want.

And when it comes to Journals and Filofaxes,
I am either on a never ending quest
Or a folly for fools.

I have always kept a journal and own a Filofax (or two),
but have envious eyes on the work of others
it always leads me to dissatisfaction.
I want my journal to be the best!
The best for me
and a source of admiration for others.
I want my handiwork to leave it's mark.

And then,
in the midnight hours
I search the web for pictures of other people's binders.
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google images... and on and on!
Oh, I have it bad!

And then,
like an addict
I feel a sense of inadequacy and need
I must have something more!
I need to have perfection!

And then,
I am not happy with my pages
they should be neater
they should be more decorated
I want a better pen
Perhaps more expensive paper?
the pages should be complete,
they should be like ......

And then,
I stop
I breath in
I take stock of myself
and take a moment to be focused.

I am trying to reach the unreachable
I am desiring the things I do not have
I covet the order and effort of others
I feel everyone has the perfection I lack
and feel sad that I am not good enough
When in fact,
the thing I want the most
 is already before me.

I AM in possession of a wonderful and creative book
I love to write in my journal and Filofax.
I enjoy the solace of writing
and sharing my thoughts and dreams
Placing and pasting and cutting and ordering.
Making it uniquely mine
The joys of stealing away to a quiet place
to have some private moments with just the two of us.

I can WRITE.

I look at my own work.
This simple book
This part of me.

Now I see it in a different light
Sure, I admire other people's work
But what I have done in mine is also worthy
It is admired by others - they have told me so.
And I begin to see it more clearly
What I have is amazing
and remarkable
and valuable to me beyond words

Because it is full of myself

If I ever was completely happy with it,
I would soon get bored.
Daring not to tamper with perfection

But it is NOT perfect.
And that's it's beauty!

It is a developing work of art
Individualized and growing
And as it grows - I grow.

My envy now turns to pride
and settled thoughts about my books and words

I like it.

I really do.

And now
In the midnight hours
I am happy with my work

At last!


  1. I love reading your posts, Kent! More, more please.

  2. Beautiful Kent!! Love your work!!

  3. OMG! That internet search it's me all nights LOL
    You are right Kent :)

  4. Well said, and beautifully put!

  5. My thoughts exactly...but better said. 'Nuff said.

  6. Kent, Can you tell me if you BUY those highlighter stickies you use.. the one line ones or cut up some of your own? Thanks!


  7. Hi Kent great writing this is surely me in so many ways thanks for sharing

  8. This poem is currently about me. Haha. I am scouring the internet. Thanks again Kent!