Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Making my Filofax Mine

My A5 Stratford at work in the classroom

I had a good look at my current A5 Filofax today.

The way it looks, feels, works.

It is beginning to take shape but there is still a long way to go.

I had a little think about what I was actually trying to achieve with my binder.

Here is my very hastily written out list of NEEDS:

I need it to be
  1. practical
  2. set out neatly
  3. organised so I do not waste time searching for what I need
  4. Not stuffed with pages I would rarely use
  5. binder needs to lay flat when I am writing
  6. I need storage for A4 fold paper that I use at work
  7. only the essential sticky notes, stickers and flags
  8. holds three pens I use daily
  9. keeps everything together when closed
  10. smells good!
My current Week on Two Pages
the last one is a personal requirement but I can hear hundreds of you saying "Amen" to that one.

I made a promise to myself that I would try to make this binder MY OWN. It has to be like that.

I promised myself to not be impatient and to give it time.

We all want wonderful Filofaxes, filled with stamps, stickers, trinkets, post-its and more. They look amazing! I admire them alot.

But that is not really ME!

I need my binder to be ME.

And in being ME, it needs to be an extension of me.

My journey is ongoing.

I enjoy it so very much. I really do. All of it.

Don't you?


  1. Hi, thought you might like to know that there is an A5 Balmoral on eBay :)

  2. Hi Kent, couldn't agree more.Being a Filofax slave is a journey not a destination!!

  3. I love how your using your A5. I actually saved reading this post until I was at a computer so that I could see your pages closer. It's all so neat and organized, and I think I want to make your pages mine... Is that weird? I hope not. :)