Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hee Hee To Me!

Looking at Filofax videos and blogs on my computer is my hobby and passion.
Today I found a sneaky benefit to my secret indulgence!
Because these sites all contain loads of pictures of  stationery, books and writing and text etc....
When I peruse them at work, it looks like I am doing something educational!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ode To the Filofaxin' Teacher

Sitting in my classroom
Kids are working well
Planner there before me
Riiiiiing - there goes the bell

Carrying my Filo
Waving it as I pass
Organised and ready
For my Modern History class

Students neatly seated
Books are open wide
Time to check my lesson plan
Safely tucked inside

Pages are a flutter
Organizing bliss
Everything is close at hand
Nothing goes amiss

Markbook in the back of it
Notes and grades are steady
Tables and dividers
Rolls are marked and ready

Time to head for meetings
I Filoflash with ease
Teachers with technology
Have laptops on their knees

Someone asks a question
I need the answer quick
I find the Martha Stewart Tab
And have it in a tick

The WiFi suddenly goes down
I sip my coffee mug
While everyone is panicking
I sit there looking smug
In one small space I seem to have
everything I need
The meeting's coming to a close
My binder shuts with speed

So now its quitting time at last
and here's the precious rub
while everyone is logging off
I'm already at the pub!


Hello Kenty - Filofax in Hand!

My nephew Nick is a talented artist - he designed this for me - great sense of humour!

Please note Filofax in hand as well!

Nick says he is happy for anyone to email him regarding a personalized HK drawing - he is a commercial artist so I guess there would be a fee. Here's his email and blog addresses:

Email : nickreesillustration@gmail.com

blog : http://nickrees365.tumblr.com/

Here's his web page if you want to see more

Nick Rees Illustrations

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Filofax Lifesavers #2 - Lest We Forget!

If you're like me, your Filofax contains so much important information that you really can't afford to lose.

It may one day happen that you lose your planner with EVERYTHING inside!

I know of someone whose bag was stolen from their car with their planner inside. The bag had only a few dollars value, but the loss of the binder devastated her.

So, all you need is 30 minutes.

Just 30 minutes!

A mere 30 minutes to take the time to safeguard your binder's contents.


Use a camera, smartphone or iPad and photograph every important page you need to retain.

You won't need to capture everything, but make sure you photograph the vital pages.

Make a time every one, three, six or twelve months to do this.

Make it part of your planning routine - write it in your diary!

It is a personal insurance policy to safeguard your hard planner work.

Set this time aside - it is a worthy investment

Keep two or more different sets of records of your photos and make sure these are held in a safe place and are easily retrievable in an emergency - a friend, iCloud, your accountant, USB or file a hard copy in your paper files.

Keep the photos secure - they contain your private information

Find out if your insurance policies can cover your Filofax - some are worth hundreds of dollars - the content may be priceless - you never know.

Imagine the scenario of losing your binder - never to get it back.
How would you FEEL?
Do you want to ease the pain of losing your binder by having a back-up?
Would you regret NOT keeping copies?
How many hours would it take to redo important lists, addresses, birthdates, appointments, calendar items etc....?
How disapponted would you feel?
How traumitised would you get?

It could happen - hopefully not - but it IS POSSIBLE.

Take a few minutes to make a list of what you need to record and preserve and image of?

Now take the photos.

It takes only 30 minutes

Do it today!

Go on.....

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Filofax Lifesavers #1 - A Breath of Fresh Air

If you're like me, you may use your Filofax at work.
I am constantly interacting with others and there's nothing worse than needing a little 'freshening' before a meeting or when working one-to-one with someone at close quarters.
I found these metal pen holders at Officeworks (Australia) which works great as an instant holder for larger pens, whiteboard markers or, as I now use it for - breath freshener.
You never know when you need a little minty fresh squirt!


Cheers from 


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

For The ladies

As a male, a husband and a Filofax user, I feel I can speak with authority on what you are about to read.

Planners are like HUSBANDS! (insert partners/boyfriends or significant male others here)

They really are.

Here's a few comparisons that will prove my point....

  • They are precious to you, continually needing modification, work best under your total control and some come with a leathery exterior.
  • Most husbands need a good clip!
  • Your love affair with them may involve a ring (or two!).
  • They are full of information - albeit useless and redundant.
  • Sometmes they can get a bit full and you can't get them to do anythng!
  • Press too hard and they bleed.
  • They either smell really good or really bad.
  • After a few decades they get wrinkly and floppy.
  • When they are not performing to your satisfaction, you may look around and want to replace it with something 'bigger' perhaps?
  • And when you finally drop them - they fall to bits.
  • Some days it's really hard to get them to open up.
  • They are the love of your life and the bane of your existence!
  • When the zipper is left open - everything falls out!
  • Size isn't everything - well except if yours is a mini.
  • They may look plain and boring on the outside, but can be so creative and wonderfully beautiful on the inside.
  • Leave it too long in a cupboard and they get mouldy.
  • You spend hours and hours thinking of ways to change them inside and out - and when you do - you are never really happy with the result.
  • Let's face it - some of them are just plain thick!
  • There are days when everyone else's looks so much better than your old thing.
  • They are the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you check before sleeping.

And, if we are really honest - they have changed your life for the better, and are something you know you could never live without.

That is all!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Coffee, Blogs and Philofaxy

If you haven't heard of the amazing Philofaxy blog - you need to.

I owe a great debt to this website.

It is run by Steve and his excellent admin team.
Captain my Captain! - Steve Morton
Started by a guy who called himself 'Philofaxer', he handed the reigns over to Nan around 2006 who kept things running for another couple of years and then Nan eventually invited Steve and Laurie to take over the helm in 2009.
Today, this humble blog is read by thousands of people around the globe.
I would guess that there are at least 100 people reading it.at any given moment.
It really is THAT good.

It is THE hub of the Filofax universe.
It is a overwhelming source of ideas, facts, profiles, review, tips, commentary and humour.
The place to hang out with other Filofaxaphiles and not feel like a GEEK.
It is my weekly fix and my cyberfriend.

The Adspot section is fantastic.
You can buy and sell from and to serious Filofax users.
I have obtained my dream Filofaxes through this service.
And I like the idea of supporting the Chimwemwe charity in the process.
Well played Philofaxy!

Each week I schedule (in my A5 Balmoral!) at least one hour to peruse and read through the Webfinds and videos.
I make myself a cup of coffee (in my Philofaxy cup, skinny latte 2 stevia)
Put on my White-Noise headphones (to block out the kiddlings and family house noises),
Ease into my chair
Laptop on knees
and work my way down each blog post and video.

I am in Filoheaven.

My little oasis of Filo-education.
Learning new tips
seeing the latest ideas
admiring other's setups
following comments and blogs
gleaming ideas on how to plan better
laughing at the craziness of enthusiasts
lusting over a new binder I haven't seen before.

It keeps me connected.

They even do Spotlight interviews of crazy people from the Southern Hemisphere!


So thank you Philofaxy
You are an important part of my life
You are a positive influence in the binder world
and you never fail
to always make my day.